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Raquel Lajes' poetry captures life's dramatic moments in powerful verse, delving into themes of love, longing, sadness, and resilience. Raquel's moving poems awaken readers to the comfort found in our shared humanity and the power of poetry to enlighten our inner landscape through deep analogies and a love for the beauty of language. Her skillful word choices strike a deep chord, reaffirming our ability to experience transcendence and joy.



Latest Books

Pinceladas Do Infinito

"Pinceladas do Infinito" by Raquel Lajes will take you on an engrossing adventure. This literary piece illuminates the point at where the material and the immaterial converge, illuminating the union of spirit and reality. Every poem in the anthology is a light beam piercing the cosmos, entwining themes of spirituality, creativity, mysticism, and reflection. Lajes invites us to think on the cosmos and our interconnectedness within it through her art, which is a mosaic of feelings and thoughts. "Pinceladas do Infinito" takes readers on a fascinating journey into the landscapes of the psyche that extend beyond the visible horizon.

A Chave dos Portais Interiores

This is the essence of Raquel Lajes' collection of contemplative verse, "A Chave dos Portais Interiores." Think of poetry as portals, opening doors to heightened perceptions and the mysteries of existence. Lajes creates moving poetry that leads readers on a path of self-transformation while navigating themes of rebirth, transcendence, and spiritual enlightenment. These lyrics merge spiritual investigation with modern imagery through the interlacing of elemental guards and modern archangels. "A Chave dos Portais Interiores" invites readers to engage in a cosmic conversation where the immensity of the universe and the elusive harmonies of the unknown collide as they travel through domains of intuition, dreamscapes, and alternate worlds.

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